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Desserts Done Differently… Bring on the Donuts!

Lately, as I’ve been scrolling through my Instagram feed, I’ve noticed something as equally delicious as it is gorgeous popping up again and again… donuts! Desserts at weddings are being done a little differently and this is a trend I can totally get on board with. Donut dessert bars or – even more glorious – donut walls are becoming a thing and I felt it was totally my duty to trawl through Pinterest and show you all some of the best. If they’re a little too casual/trendy for your wedding, they’d make a great talking point for an engagement party, bridal shower or hens party, don’t you think?

Feast your eyes upon the goodness below. Let the mouth-watering begin!

donut wall dessert

Image via Party Slate

donut dessert bar

Image via Pinterest

Image via Accent The Party

Image via Love My Dress

Image Via Lydi Out Loud


Image via Pinterest

Image via Blog Lovin

Image via Pinterest

Image via Blog Lovin

Image via My Wedding Reception Ideas

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